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US Open 2022

Julia Moreci Guanzon

Owner / Head Instructor

Julia Moreci is the founder and owner of Infinity Martial Arts (est. 2014). Julia started as a competitive gymnast and won multiple USA Gymnastics Jr. Olympic California State Titles. She then was inspired by her father and brother to begin her journey in martial arts. Julia earned her 1st-degree black belt in 2010, 2nd-degree in 2012, and her 3rd-degree in 2016 and was awarded "Best Overall Tester"at each belt testing. Julia tested for 4th degree in September 2023, after developing her own curriculum for over 9 years. Julia was thoroughly tested alongside her students by Masters and world-renowned school owners and head instructors representing different martial arts styles and generations.

Julia started teaching martial arts at Studio Kicks and competing under Team Pro Rank in the Sport Karate Circuit National Blackbelt League (NBL) at age 15. In 2011, Julia earned her first NBL World Title in Musical Open Forms in Sacramento, CA. She then was invited to Team International and earned a second NBL World Title in 2012 in Buffalo, NY. In 2013, Julia was sponsored by Team Primetime and earned three more NBL World Titles in Charleston, SC concluding her drive to compete and win in both the Junior and Adult divisions.


In 2014, Julia started her own Martial Arts program in Los Gatos to help and inspire other kids to reach their dreams of becoming Black Belts and showing them what the world of martial arts has to offer. During this time, Julia was a full-time student and also a gymnastics coach.


After earning her A.A. in Web and Mobile Design, Liberal Arts, Graphic Design, and B.A. in Design Studies Graphic Design at San Jose State, Julia decided to lead with her heart and pursue teaching martial arts instead of diving into the tech industry. She wants to be a role model and inspiration to her students by leading by example. Martial Arts is a male-dominated sport and Julia's goal is to show her students that females can be powerful leaders of the Martial Arts community too.

2022 Update: Julia opened the brick and mortar Infinity Martial Arts school and came out of tournament retirement. She was awarded The League 2022 MVP Adult Kata Player of the Year Award, Grand Champion, and 2022 NorCal All-Star Award in Reno, NV. She also competed on the NASKA circuit and made it on ESPN at the ISKA US Open World Championships on Orlando, FL. During the 2022 season, Julia brought home 5 Grand Champion tiles.

2023 Update: Julia competed in both the NASKA and The League Circuits and won 4 Grand Champion titles dominating the Adult Kata and Adult Musical Forms divisions. Julia was awarded The League 2023 MVP Adult Kata Player of the Year Award and 2023 NorCal All-Star Award in Las Vegas, NV. 

Julia tested for her 4th Degree Black Belts at Infinity Martial Arts on September 16, 2023 with the Gamma Class (3rd Black Belt Class of Infinity MA). She was tested and promoted by invited guest judges representing multiple different generations, styles, and studios around the state. 

Austin Guanzon

Co-Founder / Instructor

Austin Guanzon is the co-founder of Infinity Martial Arts and is the lead instructor for the Teen/Adult Classes.

Austin has trained and competed in the martial arts for the last 24 years and brings his experience with Olympic Tae Kwon Do, Wushu Kung Fu, and traditional Tae Kwon Do/Karate. Starting martial arts in 1996, he was enrolled in Olympic Tae Kwon Do at Ultimate Tae Kwon Do In 2.5 years he earned his 1st degree black belt, competed in forms and sparring at national tournaments including the U.S. Junior Olympics, and performed with the Ultimate TKD Demo Team. 

Looking to expand his martial arts knowledge, Austin began his Wushu (Kung-Fu) training at Chinese Martial Arts Entertainment Institute (CMAEI). He learned the 'soft-style' forms, wushu acrobats, and weaponry. He continued to compete nationally and perform with their performance team. 

To further his training, Austin joined Golden State Tae Kwon Do and learned traditional Tae Kwon Do/Karate. In 2008, Austin earned his 1st-degree black belt and competed in Sport Karate tournaments locally and nationally with their tournament team. During this time, Austin was exposed to Martial Arts Tricking which blended many of the movements from Wushu and Tae Kwon Do, leading him to join Team Loopkicks. He has traveled the world battling, performing, and teaching tricking, incorporating his teachings from the martial arts. 

Austin met Julia Moreci in 2012 at Team Loopkicks' annual tricking event, Loopkicks Camp. From there, Austin started to coach Julia Moreci in traditional forms so she could continue to pursue another National Black Belt League (NBL) title. 

In 2014, Austin helped Julia start Infinity Martial Arts to develop the next generation of Sport Karate martial artists. To this day, Austin and Julia call upon their extensive martial art backgrounds and experience to make the best instruction possible for their students. Finally, in 2020, Coach Julia promoted Austin to 2nd-degree black belt. 


2023 Update: Austin tested alongside Julia and their students for his 3rd Degree Black Belt with the Gamma Black Belt Class (3rd Black Belt Class of Infinity MA). Austin competed in both the NASKA and The League circuits in 2022 and 2023 and took home 2 Grand Champion Titles. 

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In 2018, Sami Alkharrat started his journey with Infinity Martial Arts at age 12. From the very first class, he was captivated by martial arts, and Sami’s drive to learn has only continued to grow. Whether it was through achieving the next belt rank, competing in national tournaments, learning martial arts tricking, or becoming an instructor.


Sami started competing regularly in traditional forms at blue belt and ended up winning 1st place in his division at THE LEAGUE Finals at Reno, NV, in 2021. Having been in the regional THE LEAGUE circuit for some time, Sami decided to dive into the national sport karate scene and competed in the NASKA circuit at Compete Internationals in Ontario, CA, for the first time in 2022. 


This was also around the time he started to specialize in weapons, specifically bo, and competed in the Extreme Musical Weapons division at the US Open Karate tournament later that year. He continued to compete in traditional forms and extreme weapons in both THE LEAGUE and NASKA tournaments. A year later, he would win his first ever underbelt grand championship in Extreme Musical Weapons at Compete Internationals 2023 in Ontario, making this his first ever national title.


Being on the spectrum, Sami faced some distinct struggles throughout his martial arts journey, and becoming an instructor, starting in 2023, was yet another step outside of his comfort zone. Nonetheless, he loves being able to share his passion for martial arts and pass on his knowledge to his students. In the end, he hopes to show others that no matter what unique challenges they may face, they have the potential to excel and overcome any obstacles through determination, passion, and hard work.

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