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Stripe Belt Graduation
Stripe Belt Graduation

AGES 5-7


Our Kids Martial Arts classes, also known as the "stripe belts" is for children ages 5-7. This class teaches respect, focus, and self-discipline to children with a simplified striped belt system. Our children's martial arts classes in San Jose teach important life skills like listening, eye-contact, goal setting, and coordination. Once a Stripe Belt student completes the system, they move into the Youth Martial Arts classes for ages 8+.

Join us and make great friends along the way while having the time of your life! Try one of our classes today to see how Infinity Martial Arts can change your life, you'll ask yourself why you didn't try it sooner!

Help your child become their best self at Infinity Martial Arts!

childrens martial arts classes in San Jose CA


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White Belts in Youth Class


  • Respect and focus

  • Self-control (no wiggle worms!)

  • Boost grades in school

  • Self-defense

  • Find your lifelong sport

  • Self-confidence 

  • Make friends

  • Eye-contact

  • Listening skills

  • Physical fitness


Kids Martial Arts Class
Side Kick
Side Kick


  • Stripe belts learn 5 basic focuses in our classes. Eyes, ears, mouth, mind, and body.

  • Fun striking and kicking drills and different targets to practice into

  • Speed and agility drills to burn energy

  • Respect for others - learning to do as your told the first time

  • Self-defense and self-confidence training. Learn how to speak up, shout, and stand up for yourself

  • Goal setting that carries into their daily lives 

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