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Stripe Belt Graduation
Horse Stances

AGES 8-13


Our Youth Martial Arts classes, also known as the "color belts" are for youth ages 8-13.  Students learn perseverance, teamwork, self-discipline, accountability, and other skills they can use off the mat. In class, students will learn a series of self-defense, traditional forms, and striking techniques. Each student starts at white belt and will be tested and evaluated every 3-6 months up to Black Belt. Our mission is to help our students and their families become the best versions of themselves through martial arts, physically, mentally, spiritually, and with good character.

Join us and make great friends along the way while having the time of your life! Try one of our classes today to see how Infinity Martial Arts can change your life, you'll ask yourself why you didn't try it sooner!

Help your child become their best self at Infinity Martial Arts!

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White Belts in Youth Class


  • Work toward specific goals

  • Boost grades in school

  • Provides a sense of belonging

  • Find your lifelong sport

  • Focus on individual growth, not on team competition

  • Self-confidence 

  • Make friends

  • Teamwork

  • Accountability

  • Physical fitness

  • Supportive community


Front Kicks
Youth Class
Join our IMA Family


  • Respect for others: Family, friends, elders, and teachers

  • Fun striking and kicking drills and different targets to practice into

  • Speed and agility drills to better coordination and build athleticism

  • Traditional karate forms that you can compete with in Sport Karate nationally at any level

  • Self-defense and self-confidence training. Learn how to speak up, shout, and stand up for yourself

  • Goal setting that carries into their daily lives 

  • Self-control and concentration 

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