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Jen M.

Google 5 Stars review

Infinity Martial Arts has been an impressive experience for our daughter. Coach Julia has created a family atmosphere by challenging students beyond their comfort zones. She is firm but fair, and sets clear expectations for students to follow. I have seen Infinity Martial Arts teach my daughter for several years in a professional, fun and safe environment. The instructor is an amazing teacher with such a positive influence on her students. My daughter has gained better self-discipline, self-defense, and respect for other people. I can highly recommend Infinity Martial Arts.

James g.


*FTR!!! - First to Review in 2021 *
Julia is an amazing instructor, leader and role model.  Infinity Martial arts is a great studio, offering virtual and in person training.   Julia can train students from ground zero to blackbelt.   My son got his advanced Black Belt degree at Infinity.   For this, I will forever be grateful.

I've experienced many studios over the years and know the good from the bad.  Julia and Austin are great with kids.  They create a safe environment for children to learn proper form, technique, and respect.  

As a parent, if you are looking for a program for your children, look no further:

I've seen Infinity's training methods firsthand.  If you want structure, discipline, fitness, and respect, Infinity is for you and your kids.  Julia is dedicated to your child's development and success.  If you want to realize your child's potential, come to Infinity. It's a lifechanger.


Jamie D.

My children have practiced martial arts with coach Julia for a couple of years now, and I am always impressed with her. She is such a wonderful instructor and a positive influence on her students. I recall being blown away by the first class I observed--I have a background in education and have worked with children for years, and I've never seen anyone create the type of respectful, disciplined, and positive environment with children that Julia creates. She is strict and has high expectations--these kids behave better than any group of kids I've seen--but she communicates her expectations with kindness and respect, modeling the very character values she teaches the kids. I've heard stories about other martial arts instructors being so strict that they seem mean.


Julia is friendly, fun, and approachable, yet she doesn't let anything slip by her. She's created an amazing and positive environment in which the kids live up to her high expectations out of deep affection and respect for her. My kids absolutely love her. Julia also really cares deeply about teaching kids the discipline of martial arts, with attention to the physical, mental, and spiritual aspects. My kids have grown tremendously by challenging themselves and learning the discipline required to succeed. Julia is encouraging and positive about their progress and improvement, while also teaching them that success doesn't come without effort. Finally, Julia strives to create a real community of support among her students and their families, who support one another both inside her studio and at local competitions. We feel really lucky to have started our martial arts journey with Julia!


Dave S.

Infinity Martial Arts has been an amazing experience for our 9-year-old daughter.  She joined the school about a year and a half ago and is learning many important life skills that have helped her be a more engaging student, friend, sibling, and daughter.  In addition to strength, focus, and discipline she is developing her leadership and interpersonal skills by helping with the younger students.  Her confidence and poise has grown immensely through karate tournament participation.  And she's having lots of fun too!

Coach Julia has created a nurturing environment where she challenges students to go beyond their comfort zone.  She is firm but fair and sets very clear expectations for the students to follow, garnering a sense of mutual trust and respect from each of the kids.  I'd highly recommend this program to any parent as a way of further developing their child's sense of self.


Lance J.

Coach Julia and Coach Austin have taught my daughter and son for several years in a professional, fun and safe environment. In the process, my children have gained better self-discipline, fitness, self-defense, and poise. The coaches set high expectations but are fair when they challenge students to continually advance their skills. On the business side, Julia is personable, communicative, and trustworthy. I can highly recommend Infinity Martial Arts.



My son loves Infinity Matrial arts and working with coach Julia. She does a wonderful job of teaching Martial arts skills, conditioning, focus, self-discipline, control, and confidence. Of course, He has fun every time. She is competent and kind and my son enjoys it thoroughly.


Austin g.

Google 5 Stars review

I have trained in a number of schools and styles over the years to further my martial arts knowledge. Infinity Martial Arts is by far one of the best schools I have had the honor to learn and train under. I started my training with Infinity Martial Arts 7 years ago. Regardless of my previous experience, I had to re-learn the basics and Coach Julia not only whipped me into shape, but also refined my martial arts skills. Recently, she had promoted me to my second degree black belt! (Never stop learning and you will never stop growing!)

Martial arts is not only about learning the skill but it is also about self-development. The development of discipline, respect, and integrity - the black belt characteristics of someone who will be successful and driven. These traits translate in day-to-day life regardless of age. Infinity Martial Arts' foundation is built upon these pillars.

I have seen first hand how Coach Julia trains the other students. She builds the student's character from the ground up (the basics). It's inspiring! Her students love her and see her as a role model. Unlike some other schools, she is not about the money. Coach Julia's dream is to build a martial arts school where her students and the family have a safe place to train and refine their skills. A place for motivation and inspiration. A place to develop the next generation of martial art champions.

More than 10 years ago, I had stopped competing but, Coach Julia encouraged me to get back into the scene and start competing again. My first tournament back I was able to take 1st place in traditional forms at the national tournament, Compete Nationals Karate. (Just before COVID-struck!) Not only did she encourage me, she also competed herself. AND WON!
If you're looking for a martial arts school, look no further. Infinity Martial Arts has the foundation you need to better you or your student. Whether you're looking to be more athletic, build character, or want to be surrounded by like-minded 'family' who will motivate you and inspire you, then you've come to the right place.

Ayesha S.

Julia is the best and most dedicated karate teacher. My daughter developed her love for karate because of her. My daughter is nine and has been attending this school for the past four years. It is so satisfying to see how she improved over the years.

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